Top covers do not only ensure the final touch for foot orthotics, they come above all with numerous properties that go far beyond good looks. Properties that play an important part in foot orthotic treatment, let alone the patient's compliance to wear the orthotics regularly. Which is why we emphasize the most important functionalities of our bestselling top cover - DRYFEET - and invite you to discover the hidden but precious attributes that make our top covers what they are - a perfect match for all that care for the best possible treatment solution.


DRYFEET is a microfiber fabric with a leather-like look and unique properties. It is 100% breathable and able to absorb up to 8 times its weight in moisture. Combined with an outstanding thermoregulatory effect, it provides a high level of comfort and dryness. The sweat no longer accumulates on top of the cover, so that the foot remains dry. DRYFEET is highly abrasion-resistant, antimicrobial, odor- and sweat-resistant. It can be easily glued, cut and ground. DRYFEET is produced environmentally friendly and CO²-free, is chrome VI free and tested by the internationally acknowledged  "Oeko Tex® 100" standard.


  • Thickness:     0.8 mm
  • Colors:            aqua, apple, beige, brown, dark blue, anthracite, black
  • Texture:          smooth and microperforated (depending on color)


66% Polyamide + 5% Polyurethane + 29% Polyester


  • Extremely abrasion resistant: about 2.5 times more than calf leather
    ->  Abrasion value dry: 400.000 revs = extremely slight wear
    ->  Abrasion value wet: 200.000 revs = extremely slight wear
  • Very good tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Quick moisture absorption and drying
  • Thermal regulating effect
  • Hyperallergenic / antibacterial / antimicrobial / anti-odor
  • Look and feel similar to Nappa leather
  • CO² free fabrication
  • Certified according to Oeko Tex® Standard 100


  • Easy to glue, cut and grind
  • Recommended to use as top cover for foot orthotics and lining for AFOs/DAFOs or bespoke footwear
  • Suitable to use for individual labeling of foot orthotics


  • Available as DRYFEET mini roll (length approx. 50 rmt/164ft, width approx. 12cm/4,73 in)
    ->  good for approx. 85 pairs of foot orthotics (average size 42)
  • Available as DRYFEET+ (bilaminated combinations with EVA, EVA PLUS or PUR cushion layers in various thicknesses)
    ->  to save valuable labor time

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