About Perpedes

„Good ideas are desired by partners who think and act practically and economically. Partners who can give shape to ideas and make the success perfect.“ The name Perpedes comes from the Latin „per pedes“ and means „on foot“. A fitting name for a company that specializes in the health of feet. After all, our feet are responsible for taking us from A to B and often they are given too little attention.

People and their locomotion are central to Perpedes. Our innovative products in the foot orthotic, therapeutic shoes and leg orthoses segments contribute to increasing mobility and promoting health. These increase well-being and quality of life. Our successful approach lies in the synergy of craftsmanship and high technology. We have a highly qualified team which is full of ideas and supports you with a forwardlooking production concept. Working closely with physicians and orthopedic technicians, products and materials have been created since 1923 which set new industry standards.

Made in Germany

In 1945, the sole proprietorship „Helmut Roeck“ was founded by the orthopedic mechanic Helmut Roeck in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, with the purpose of providing orthopedic care to disabled war veterans and civilians. In 2014 the name changed from „Helmut Roeck GmbH“ to „Perpedes GmbH“. Today, Perpedes GmbH is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in the greater Stuttgart area in Germany and branches in Slovakia and Spain. In total, the company has 180 employees worldwide. Perpedes GmbH is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We are proud to offer Perpedes‘ MDEL approved treatment solutions made in Germany from 2019 also in Canada.


The DAILY line is most suited to use in various shoe types with low space requirements. DAILY, DAILY HIGH HEEL and DAILY RIGIDUS are your ideal everyday companions. Designed as an extremely thin and lightweight orthotic blank, the DAILY line gives you the opportunity to offer your customers and patients foot orthotics which are high quality and even fit in business shoes. There are two shell widths available, narrow and medium. The DAILY line’s centrepiece is the orthotic shell made from glass fiber and carbon fiber composite materials Perpedes developed and produces by itself. Due to their thermoplastic properties, the shells can be customized to adapt to the foot simply and quickly. High-quality materials which meet high demands and offer the opportunity to be quickly and easily processed.


The SOLEUTION line is best suited to catering to complex clinical symptoms. SOLEUTION SUPPORT, SOLEUTION PRO, SOLEUTION PAPILLON, always offer the appropriate treatment option due to their indicative alignment. There is an unisex width available, the foot‘s heel section is not affected by the orthotic shell. The SOLEUTION line’s centrepiece is the orthotic shell made from glass fiber composite materials we developed ourselves. Due to the thermoplastic properties, the shells can be customized to the foot simply and quickly. In order to meet Perpedes’ high quality demands, only selected and certificated materials, which are perfectly matched with each other, are used for the SOLEUTION line.


The CALCA line combines effective pressure relief in the heel area with longitudinal arch support. Best suited to treat frequently occurring, painful heel complaints, the CALCA II, the CALCA PRO X and the CALCA PRO X XL offer optimal care for pain-free walking. The CALCA line’s centrepiece is the orthotic shell made from glass fiber composite materials Perpedes developed and produces by itself. Due to its thermoplastic properties, the shells can be customized simply and uniquely. The heel relief provided in the orthotic shell is orientated on the plantar fascia’s anatomical location and runs to the foot’s longitudinal arch. This relieves the plantar structures and promotes therapy progression. Only high-quality materials which meet Perpedes’ quality demands are used in the CALCA line. The foot orthotic’s components are perfectly attuned with each other.


The ACRYLIC line summarizes self-supporting orthotic shells, which are available as flat pre-cuts in standardized outlines. They are ideally suited for producing manually manufactured foot orthoses. Perpedes‘ bestselling fiber composite materials with all their benefits are available for the ACRYLIC shells. Our composite fibers are PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) made from acrylic resin with embedded carbon or glass fiber woven or knitted fabric, often in combination with polyamide.


SHOE STIFFENERS / REINFORCEMENTS made from Perpedes‘ fiber composite materials serve to protect or immobilize foot or toe joints in the shoe. This requires stiffening of the shoe‘s flexible parts, e.g. the outsole. Ideally, the existing sole is cut open, the stiffening layer is incorporated and a functionally compensating rockersole is provided. SHOE STIFFENERS/REINFORCEMENTS can be chosen from a variety of Perpedes‘ glass and carbon fiber composite materials. They can be optionally shaped at a maximum of 140°C and are, therefore, uniquely adapted to the user’s shoe.


The Perpedes acrylic composite materials made from glass/carbon fibers are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are used in foot orthoses, shoe stiffeners and leg orthoses, among other things. The composite materials consist of a transparent, thermoplastic acrylic resin as a matrix and combination of reinforcements made from polyester, polyamide, glass and/or carbon fibers. The product quality of Perpedes‘ composite fiber materials could be further developed and improved through decades of experience in manufacturing them. This has yielded further applications and new items over time so that their application in orthopedics/orthopedic shoe technology proves to be extremely variable. The optimal material for every application and for every desired characteristic regarding deformability behaviour, rigidity, material thickness and weight can always be found in the Perpedes portfolio. Advantages lie in the combination of different reinforcement types and materials: woven, roving and knitted. The continuous fibers are arranged in stitches in the knitted materials. Each individual stitch is a more or less taut fiber loop which can be lengthened or compressed. It can therefore absorb tensile stress, compression and transverse stress which gives the material its special deformability behaviour. In woven and roving materials, however, the reinforcing fibers are in a stretched condition. They therefore undergo less expansion under higher tensile loads than knitted materials and have high tensile strength and rigidity. Using taut knitted material brings both material properties to bear. With our state-of-the-art machines and sustainable operations, we have manufacturing processes available to us which ensure Perpedes’ high standards of quality and synchronizes individual components with each other.


The BALANCER is the perfect solution to quickly add a heel post or platform to a dress type foot orthotic. After glueing to the orthotic’s shell it needs to be ground down evenly, both medially and laterally for a neutral post. To simplify this, indicators were laterally and medially cut into the BALANCER. The upper edge of the bottom indicator marks a reduction of 2 mm and the upper edge of the upper indicator marks a reduction of 4 mm. The BALANCER can further be used to compensate leg length discrepancies. Eversion or inversion posts affect the position of the heel and lower leg which helps to re-align pathological postures of the foot / ankle / knee / hip joints. The BALANCER‘s medial and lateral indicators help achieving a precise correction.