Shipping and Payment

Any delivery times specified by us are approximate and non-binding. Partial deliveries are permissible. All deliveries, including partial deliveries, are at the risk of the buyer. This also applies for deliveries without shipping charges. We are not liable for any damage or loss during transport. With the consignment contract is an insurance up to a value of 100 CAD automatically concluded. At higher order values, it is to the customer to commission a remunerated insurance. Any delays in or obstacles to delivery not caused by us shall release us from the obligation of delivery without giving rise to any rights or claims against us on the part of the buyer. The minimum order amounts to 75 CAD net! For small orders below that amount we will charge a small order surcharge of 10 CAD.

The packaging will be charged at cost! Failing any agreement to the contrary, the method of shipping shall, at our discretion, be the least expensive method. Shipping shall be on account and at the risk of the buyer, even if he does not bear the transportation costs. All orders with a minimum value of 1,500 CAD will be shipped within the the Canadian provinces free of any additional shipping charges, with the exception of any surcharges that apply for certain geographical circumstances (e.g. island destinations) or express fees. Further exceptions count for bulky shipments (such as rolled materials, panels and the like)! We will charge a small order surcharge of 10 CAD for any orders with a net value of less than 75 CAD. It is incumbent on our commercial customers and hospitals to dispose of the packaging at their own expense.

Our payment designation applies in our webshop, on quotations and invoices. All sorts of payment are ex paying agent of the seller. The time the seller’s account is credited shall determine whether payment was made in time. The buyer shall bear all discount and bank charges. We only accept discounts if all obligations from previous deliveries have been met. Should payment be delayed by more than two weeks, all receivables of the seller become due immediately. In the event of payment delays we reserve the right to charge dunning charges and, when applicable, interest above prime. We always employ a collection agency no later than after the final reminder, which results in further costs for the buyer. The seller shall not be not obligated to make further deliveries under any ongoing contract before all outstanding invoices, including interest in arrears and dunning charges, have been paid in full.