How to raise your profit with foot orthotics

In order to successfully treat the diverse pathological findings in your patients’ feet, it is essential to manufacture foot orthotics individually to meet the needs of each patient.

The manufacturing of bespoke foot orthotics from the scratch is time- and cost consuming and requires expertise in the processing and regarding to the materials used.

To be able to serve more patients as well as to operate profitably, the manufacturers of custom foot orthotics often tries to save money by using cheaper materials. However, this usually results in poorer quality and therefore leads to dissatisfaction on the side of the patient, while still maintaining the same effort of the manufacturing process.

Issues with the manufacturing of bespoke foot orthotics, done from the scratch:

     -    Time- and cost consuming
     -    Cheaper material results in poorer quality
     -    Less time for your patients
     -    Patient dissatisfaction

But how can you optimize the manufacturing process of custom foot orthotics without compromising the quality and individuality of your orthotics?

The solution is simple: With the help of Perpedes’ prefabricated, modifiable and individualized foot orthotic blanks with all components of a high quality orthotic shell, both you as an entrepreneur and the patient will benefit.

Due to the thermoplastic properties of the fiberglass shell (140°C/284°F), the blank can be uniquely adapted to the patient’s foot and its specific needs. Using Perpedes’ prefabricated foot orthotic blanks saves approx. 50% of labor time, resulting in more efficient procedures while increasing the profit per foot orthotic.

With Perpedes’ prefabricated, modifiable foot orthotic blanks you and your patients will benefit from the following advantages: 

     +    Time- and cost-saving, efficient procedures
     +    Streamlined workshop processes
     +    Less labor induced capital
     +    High & consistent quality
     +    More time for your patients with higher patient satisfaction
     +    Complies with the requirements of the health insurances
     +    In accordance with legal regulations

You get custom foot orthotics quick and easy made without compromising quality, treatment schemes or requirements.

It has never been that easy to raise your profit and have more time for your patients at the same time.

More information about the processing of Perpedes foot orthotic blanks can be found here.

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