We experience standardization in almost all areas and industries. Many of the standards do make our daily lives easier, items and requirements comparable. However, the sizes of worldwide footwear and consequently of foot orthotics are still based on different size systems. Footwear and orthotic producers follow their own sizing ideas, which is confusing for both professionals and end consumers.

For professionals, choosing the best suitable orthotic blank for a patient's indication and his/her footwear might be challenging enough - on top comes the various, not standardized sizing. The Perpedes conversion table will help to make your size decisions easier. 

Perpedes, as a company located in Central Europe, uses the French sizing system, with its reference size 42 = 280mm, and size increments of 0.667mm.

To convert the French sizes into the widely used US and UK sizes and vice versa, simply find your size in our conversion chart, select the size known in the respective column and find the corresponding size in the same line in the neighboring column.


Note that some of the size indications in our conversion chart had to be rounded - if you feel uncertain which size to order, round up to the next size.

You can download our conversion table as PDF-file here.

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