Oftentimes, foot therapists consider heel posts a necessity for dress orthotics to provide stability or realignment. But many professionals complain about the time and difficulties it takes to make them and that heel posts made of EVA - however firm and dense the foam might be - do compress relatively quickly due to patients’ body weight. Which often leads to instability as the post partially looses its ground contact.


Perpedes has an ingenious solution for this - the BALANCER. Available in 4 pre-shaped sizes that cover the orthotic size range from French size 35 - 48, it is the perfect solution to quickly add a heel post or platform to a dress type foot orthotic. After glueing it under the orthotic’s shell it needs to be ground down evenly, both medially and laterally for a neutral post. To simplify this, indicators were laterally and medially cut into the BALANCER.

The upper edge of the bottom indicator marks a reduction of 2 mm and the upper edge of the upper indicator marks a reduction of 4 mm. The BALANCER can further be used to compensate leg length discrepancies (if applied under the orthotic of the shorter leg) or to ease Achilles tendon complaints. As known, eversion or inversion posts affect the position of the heel and lower leg which helps to realign pathological postures of the foot / ankle / knee / hip joints. The BALANCER‘s medial and lateral indicators help achieving a precise correction.


The BALANCER heel post module has been designed to quickly create a neutral / inversion / eversion post for the heel to encounter foot and / or leg deformities. In addition, the BALANCER is made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane, solid material without air inclusions), that is not compressible and therefore provides a long lasting dimensional stability that cannot be achieved with the commonly used EVA foams.


Neutral posting / Difference in leg length / Afflictions of the achilles tendon
The BALANCER is the perfect solution to quickly create a neutral post and platform for the heel. It needs to be ground down evenly, both medially and laterally. The BALANCER can further be adjusted to compensate a difference in leg length of max. 4 mm. Thicker heel lifts can be built up with dense EVA material onto the BALANCER‘s sanded and even platform.


Eversion / Inversion posting, Varus / Valgus deformities of the heel, deformities (Arthrosis) of the ankle, knee and hip joints
With help of the BALANCER, the position of the heel is realigned so that possible malpostures of foot / ankle / knee / hip joints can be positively affected. For this purpose, the BALANCER must be ground down either medially or laterally on one side more than on the other (depending on the required result). The medial and lateral indicators at the BALANCER's side help achieving this. See table „DIMENSIONS“ in the product brochure for more details.


Take a look at our detailled processing video of the BALANCER - Heel post module here.

Balancer_01ycLBGeRXZcItyPlace the BALANCER in its correct size and side under the orthotic and mark position at the front edge.

Balancer_02Apply a thin film of contact adhesive, suitable for TPU material. Then, leave to air dry.

Balancer_03_Place the BALANCER onto the orthotic‘s base in the marked position and firmly press it on.

Balancer_4Grind down either evenly, or medially or laterally on one side more than on the other (depending on the required result), use the indicators. After that finely trim the lateral surfaces.

Balancer_05The BALANCER needs to have an even and stable stand on the ground.



The BALANCER can be used with all PERPEDES foot orthotic blanks:


You can download the complete brochure of the BALANCER - Heel post module here.

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