Oftentimes, foot therapists consider heel posts a necessity for dress orthotics to provide stability or realignment. But many professionals complain about the time and difficulties it takes to make them and that heel posts made of EVA - however firm and dense the foam might be - do compress relatively quickly due to patients’ body weight. Which often leads to instability as the post partially looses its ground contact.

Perpedes has an ingenious solution for this - the BALANCER. Available in 4 pre-shaped sizes that cover the orthotic size range from French size 35 - 48, it is the perfect solution to quickly add a heel post or platform to a dress type foot orthotic. After glueing it under the orthotic’s shell it needs to be ground down evenly, both medially and laterally for a neutral post. To simplify this, indicators were laterally and medially cut into the BALANCER.

The upper edge of the bottom indicator marks a reduction of 2 mm and the upper edge of the upper indicator marks a reduction of 4 mm. The BALANCER can further be used to compensate leg length discrepancies (if applied under the orthotic of the shorter leg) or to ease Achilles tendon complaints. As known, eversion or inversion posts affect the position of the heel and lower leg which helps to realign pathological postures of the foot / ankle / knee / hip joints. The BALANCER‘s medial and lateral indicators help achieving a precise correction.

Read more about customization of Perpedes' heel post module.



Metatarsal pads are rather inconspicuous elements that support the often overloaded, flattened transverse foot arches and thus relieve the generally pressure-exposed area of MTP 2-4. Foot care professionals use met pads in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, depending on the individual patient's needs.


Perpedes` met pads are made of soft and resilient carbosan foam - that supports your patients' foot arches gently and without further obstructing the remaining active functionalities of the plantar foot muscles.  





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