Foot care professionals often consider heel posts a necessity for dress orthotics to provide stability or realignment. Metatarsal pads, on the other hand, are rather inconspicuous elements that are used to support the often overloaded, flattened transverse foot arches...


Perpedes' General Catalog FOOT ORTHOSES & ACCESSORIES 2020 provides a quick overview of the entire product assortment of foot orthotics, materials and accessories in a compact book format...
To treat the diverse pathological findings in your patients’ feet, it is essential to manufacture foot orthotics individually. Therfore Perpedes offers a modular concept, consisting of customizable thermoplastic foot orthotic blanks, top covers, metatarsal pads and balancers...

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Decisive for wearing comfort of foot orthotics are the top cover and the cushion material. To provide your patients with the best possible comfort and according to your ideas, we offer you the possibility to order our textiles and cushion materials pre-glued and therefore combined with each other. A real time saver in your lab!

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Unfortunately the PAC Symposium scheduled for April 23 – 25, 2020 in Halifax has been cancelled. We hope to see you at the PAC SYMPOSIUM next year in Ontario.


In previous posts we already explained in detail the exceptional properties and best applications for the widely used cushion materials EVA and PUR. In this post we summarize and compare the important properties and differences between the two versatile materials for you.
To meet the needs of each patient and in order to successfully treat the diverse pathological findings in your patients’ feet, it is essential to manufacture foot orthotics individually. However, the processing of bespoke foot orthotics from the scratch is time- and cost consuming and requires expertise in the processing and regarding to the materials used.

Perpedes Product Selection Guide

PERPEDES prefabricated, thermal moldable foot orthotic blanks are available in various styles and shapes and are developed to treat most common foot ailments. But which PERPEDES blank is the most suitable to fit both the indication and the footwear of your patient?
Polyurethane or PUR foams are first choice for specific cushion needs in foot orthotic treatment. PUR cushions are open-cell structured foams that have viscoelastic, rebouncing properties and are free of PVC, latex, and solvents.
EVA foams are in high demand and first choice in foot orthotic treatment today because of their exceptional properties - EVA is the abbreviation for “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate” and features a fine and uniform foam structure with tiny air bubbles trapped in closed cells.
We experience standardization in almost all areas and industries. Many of the standards do make our daily lives easier, items and requirements comparable. However, the sizes of worldwide footwear and consequently of foot orthotics are still based on different size systems.
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