Supportive foot orthotic blank with anatomically correct calcaneal spur recess, fascia and heel spur cushion and hindfoot pad


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The CALCA PRO X XL foot orthotic blank is especially suitable for heavier patients with large,... more

The CALCA PRO X XL foot orthotic blank is especially suitable for heavier patients with large, wider feet and painful complaints in the heel area, e.g. plantar fasciitis or Calcaneal spur. The anatomically shaped heel recess in combination with the shell's groove for the plantar fascia corresponds to the Calca Pro X, which has been successfully available on the market for years. For the XL version a 6 mm wider, thicker and therefore more stable PERPEDES glass fiber shell is used. The long-lasting PUR Medical pad together with the integrated PUR Slow Memory foam softly embeds the plantar fascia and thus distributes the body load optimally under the hindfoot. This ensures timely pain relief and may help to prevent chronic symptoms. The orthotic shell can be optionally shaped as usual due to its thermoplastic properties and can, therefore, be uniquely adapted to the user’s foot and requirements. Additionally, the CALCA PRO X can be supplemented by soft Carbosan foam met pads which support the transversal arch.



- Supportive foot orthotic blank
- Calcaneal spur recess and cushion

Size Range:                       40 - 52
Width:                                 Wide   
Foot orthotic shell:           Acrylic composite material made of knitted glass fiber (G422)
Outline:                               Square
3D-Contour:                       PX = moderate longitudinal arch support with plantar fascia groove in the shell
Special Feauture:              Anatomically correct recess for plantar fasciitis / heel spur with plantar
                                             fascia groove for maximum relief
                                             Broadened and reinforced foot orthotic shell